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Executives Coaching Skills for Managers and Executives covers the Praxis Coaching Process Model for becoming a coaching leader within an organization. This intensive in-house program provides the skills and techniques required to coach personnel in the workplace to achieve their peak performance.

Coaching programs delivered by Coaching & Training Asia in Malaysia
and Jagadnita Counsulting in Indonesia

Program development

Praxis Process Model

The most important part of the design and development process is the communication between the Executive Master Coaches and the organization, to understand both general organizational needs of the Clients and the specific needs of its Executives.

An in-depth needs analysis is undertaken, where appropriate. After these initial needs analysis is conducted, an executive leader with expertise in the areas identified is appointed as Executive Coaching Program Director. The Program Director and the Executive Coaching team discuss with and advise the Client on the most appropriate coaches, practitioners, experts, tools and techniques.

In partnership with the Client, the team then fine-tunes and tailors the program to meet the organizational learning and coaching development needs. Our program consists of a mixture of case studies, business simulations, projects, lectures, group work and integrated group coaching activities.

Our dedicated team (including the Coaching Program Director and Executive Executive program manager/s) ensure that the experience is of the highest standard at every stage of the implementation.

Post-program analysis is undertaken and the results are fed back into the program’s redesign, redevelopment and delivery process.

Location of training

Our in-house training programs are conducted at the company’s facilities and held in private, modern executive education facilities.

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