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Michel Gagné, Master Executive Coach

Michel-Gagne1Profile — Dr Michel Gagné, Master Executive Coach

Michel Gagné started to train coaches in Québec, Canada in 1975. His Train the Trainer program has successfully contributed to more then 35,000 coaches throughout Canada. Michel Gagné is a Certified Coach Facilitator with Corporate Coach U International and a Certified Counselor with the International Society of Mental Training and Excellence. He is also a Certified and Licensed Leader with the Legacy Leadership Institute of Dallas, Texas and a Certified NLP Coach with Lambent do Brasil of Sao Paulo.

Michel is a highly skilled communicator and motivator experienced in dealing with the corporate, government and education sectors, as well as NGO’s. He has directed courses and lectured all over Canada; in the European countries of United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Russia; in the Caribbean Islands of Puerto Rico and Dominica; in the West African countries of Senegal, Guinea and Mauritania; in Cairo for the Gulf Region; in the Asian countries of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan and China.

Currently based in Malaysia, he was previously attached to a Government Agency in Malaysia as Manager of High Performance Programs. He has been involved in Management and High Performance for many years at various levels; initially, at the City of Montreal in Staff Training and Stress Management programs; the Coaching Association of Canada in High Performance Programs. In Asia with companies such as INTEL CHINA, INTEL Technology Sdn Bhd, INTEL Microelectronics Sdn Bhd, ING Insurance, AXA Insurance, Global Implementors, Magnus Management Consultant, Arachem, Easy Call, Liebert, Yokohama, Pioneer, Concorde Hotel, Transnational Insurance Brokers, Emerson Group of Companies, Inter – Enterprise Solutions, Gamuda IT Services, Great Eastern Life Assurance Berhad, 3M Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Apex Communications, Walton International Group, Bank Bumiputra Commerce Berhad, Bank Pembanguan & Infrastruktur Berhad, CISCO Security Pte Ltd, INDOSAT, Hewlet Packard, Telekom Malaysia Berhad and many more.

Johannes Kriswanto Rahardjo

Johannes-Kriswanto-RahardjoProfile — Johannes Kriswanto Rahardjo

Johannes offers a unique combination of expertise − a blending of information technology, business strategy & development, and people management skills.

He has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the telecommunication industry, as well as financial and commerce industries, which he gained while serving as senior executive at Indosat, and through his professional affiliation with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

His coaching approach, leadership skills and knowledge of merger and transformation processes have earned him a reputation for building and managing productive teams throughout his career. Some of the important business development initiatives he has lead, have contributed significantly to the company’s revenue stream, value and efficiency.

Johannes received several awards, from:

  • Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for his Paper in the field of Research Technology Management
  • IT Leader Award in 1999 from Hewlett Packard Royale
  • Man of The Year 2001 for IT Top Executive category from Yayasan Penghargaan Indonesia (Indonesian Foundation of Awards)

His professional objective is to become a prominent leader in business, IT and Telecommunication services with an entrepreneurial strength of mind, contributing value to the company, people and society.

Andrew Cheah, Business Coach & Consultant

Profile — Andrew Cheah, Business Coach & Consultant

Andrew Cheah holds a Bachelor of Economics, MBA, International Certified Business Coach, Member of Coaching & Training Asia Business Coaches Team. He brings with him more than 12 years of experience in materials management and production planning working with various multi-national Fortune 500 companies. He is highly regarded for his ability in setting up material and production planning system for fast-paced electronics manufacturing operations.

As a consultant, he has helped Fortune 500 companies in turning around their warehousing management, reengineering their materials processes, carrying out factory-wide barcode implementation, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), setting up Kanban pull system and improving production capacity. He possesses wide knowledge in implementing SCM system solutions, Lean manufacturing, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), CRM and ERP system integration. Today, Andrew is one of the highly sought after Supply Chain Management & Lean Manufacturing consultant in Malaysia and Singapore.

Andrew is currently a Fellow of International Entrepreneurs Association, UK (IEA), and is also a Certified Professional Business Coach from the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA of UK). He is a founding member of the International Association of Coaches, and a member of CoachVille, the largest coaching organizations in the world.

The key exceptional difference about Andrew as a trainer is FUN! While many workshops are BORING classroom type of training, his workshop is always full with fun-filled games and activities. He is able to create FUN for the participants to enjoy and involve in the learning and therefore increase the rate of understanding. Through his exciting, activity-based leadership workshops, he has motivated directors, managers, executives and supervisors from both MNC and SMI corporations in Malaysia and Singapore.

Andrew’s clients include: B. Braun, Sony, Xerox, Seagate, Bard, AIC, Globetronics, Luster, Hock Ju, Danisco, Clarion, Kobe, Ire-Tex, Polar Twin, Ya Horng, Honsin, Eastern Garment, Jabil, Lumileds, Matsushita, Dell, Good Year Malaysia, Silterra, Celestica and many more. Andrew also provides coaching to high school students in helping them to improve their learning capabilities. He was a guest speakers to the whole Malaysia SMJK School Principals in the year 2003 Annual Majlis Pengetua SMJK Malaysia held at The Mines Resort City, Selangor, Malaysia.

Lim Joo Chong, Business Coach & Consultant

Profile — Lim Joo Chong, Business Coach & Consultant

Joo Chong holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University Sains Malaysia and has been in the field of organizations development, training and education for the last 27 years. He was the Organization development Manager for Intel Malaysia. He is passionate about enabling others to excel and positively contribute and collaborate in building healthy communities and organizations. His personal mission is “Touching and Impacting Lives”. He is a life-long learner and is very willing to share. He believes in process driven interventions that will deliver sustainable transformation for individuals and organizations. He comfortably connects and communicates with all levels of organizations.

Lim Joo Chong is an International Certified Business Coach who has been instrumental in reestablishing a Coaching Culture at INTEL Malaysia; he personally contributed to the development of more than 100 Senior Manager Coaches at INTEL, and provided individual executive coaching to more than 40 senior and middle managers in leadership and coaching.

He also has been certified to facilitate and train employees in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Situational leadership, Development Dimensions International Interaction Management, Transition management, Human Dynamics, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Language of DISC and Business Simulations. He utilizes facilitative and engaging processes to stimulate participation and learning. He has also taught Human resources Management course for MBA students. He has vast international experience as the onsite program manager and lead facilitator for residential management development programs for front line and middle managers.

Joo Chong is very well grounded in the fields of Organizational Development and Human Resources Development. He has experiences in new start-ups, consolidation of organizations, business directions shifts, team based and continuous improvement culture building and inculcating factory operational efficiency. He provided OD consultation and interventions for small works units, global teams, large functional groups or departments. This included organization assessment, capability development, team development, strategic planning, culture building executive coaching and transition change management.

He has vast experience in facilitating large and small group processes for strategic planning, developing a learning organization, team development and leadership development. His expertise includes Focus Group Technique, Scenario Planning, World Café, Dialogue, Map Day, SWOT Analysis and Problem Solving Methodology.

Kanagadorai Doraisamy, Marketing Manager

Profile — Kanagadorai Doraisamy, Marketing Manager

Kanagadorai has been involved in the marketing and sales arena for the past 11 years. He has been very successful in his career during his stint in direct selling, multi-level marketing and event organizing.

He holds an MBA, majoring in Total Quality Management. He had successfully trained and motivated sales staffs over the 11 year stint in various MNCs’ and corporate organizations. He had also built sales floor (telemarketing) for event organizing companies from scratch and to achieve enormous sales targets. This position also has given him opportunity to achieve more success in organizing summits such as F@stec 2001, Asia Fi-Tech, CIO Summits, CFO Summits, CEO Summits and North Asia E-Business.

Kanagadorai has dealt with senior decision makers such as Board of Directors, MD’s CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s and VP’s on globally. Some of his global exposures are in United States America, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab of Emirates, Brunei, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Japan. This has been the plus point and cutting edge to his career in the business industry.

Some of his major clients include: Brunei Information Ministry, Bumiputra Commerce Bank, Celcom, Malaysia Airports Berhad, Maybank, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, OCBC Bank and Alcatel. He is currently attached to Malaysia Canada Business Council as Marketing Director.

Clara Kriswanto, MA, Certified Professional Business Coach (Indonesia)

Clara-KriswantoClara Kriswanto, MA, Certified Professional Business Coach (Indonesia)

Dr. Clara Kriswanto is the Founder & Content Developer of,, and & are interactive portals that serve as a meeting point between experts and their clients who want to share their problems and experiences. is a website for building communication between professional coaches under the Coaching Association of Indonesia.

She provides leadership in bringing a reliable coaching method in Indonesia as one of the best ways to educate and develop people in any industry and promoting coaching to become one of the wanted professions in Indonesia.

She has a unique combination of expertise, a blending of psychology, entrepreneurship, education, training and coaching skills and capabilities. She also has strong experience in the Education Industry and part of them related to family development. Her first career as a psychologist had been developed when she started to be a volunteer of Hotline Service to provide counseling by phone and then involved in many recruitment processes and as lecturer. Since 2002, she has trained executive coaches and manager coaches from several big companies in Indonesia.

She has depth knowledge in the education industry and a broad knowledge in starting up a new company from her experiences during her tenures in some companies. She is a confident leader and manager in teamwork with her staff & partners through a solid coaching approach. Some of the entrepreneurial initiatives that have been part of her works are building home based business with the aid of the Internet / Information Technology with her spouse who is an IT professional.

She also has strong experiences as a social worker in helping people with HIV/AIDS since 1998. She received several awards such as PUTRI AYU – an Indonesian Traditional Beauty Pageant in 1981, from the British Government as a Chevening Scholar in 2000, Indonesian First Quality and Development Award as an entrepreneur in 2005 and Doctor Honoris Causa from Cambridge in 2007.

Andreas Hasto Pranowo, Certified Professional Business Coach (Indonesia)

Profile — Andreas Hasto Pranowo, Certified Professional Business Coach (Indonesia)

Andreas is a qualified trainer and business coach in a variety of disciplines, including:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Executive Coach & Life Coach
  • Team Building
  • Presentation Skills

He is fluent in English and French and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the STF Driyarkara, Jakarta, S1 (Strata 1) from Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, and S2 (Strata 2) from Ateneo de Manila University Phillippines Faculty of Education, with a major in counseling. Andreas is a Certified Professional Business Coach from the International Professional Managers Association UK, who also received Dale Carnegie’s Highest Award for Achievement.

His extensive experience in education and human resources offers exceptional insight in people skills development.

Antoinette Zuehlke (M.Sc. Occ Psych.; CPCC)

Antoinette-ZuehlkeAntoinette Zuehlke (M.Sc. Occ Psych.; CPCC)

Antoinette is a Certified Co-Active Coach, a programme with over 100 hours of coaching practise and 116 contact training hours. She has over 500 hours of coaching experience and has coached a range of leaders, from senior Executives to high potential managers. She has coached people in career change situations and has worked with people to achieve higher levels of success in their personal and professional life.

Her current work in organisations focuses on encouraging individual performance in order to achieve clearly defined business results. Her specialty is effectively working with individuals to become engaged in their work and to align their values to that of the organisation in order to affect business outcomes and progress in their careers.

Antoinette is experienced in the application of psychometric instruments which allows her to measure change from before to after coaching. With the use of Psychometric tools she is able to assist people in the exploration of their attitude and personality traits or characteristics which helps in the process of creating self awareness and this provides insight for the coaching to take place and the exploration of deep seated self-beliefs.

Her experience of over 10 years in Learning and Development exposed her to work with over 51 nationalities. This experience combined with her keen interest in cultural aspects make her a good choice to work with to explore the meaning or current importance of cultural values.

Antoinette’s education and experience in Psychology and Sociology provides her with a solid foundation to understand the nature of behaviour and the requirements for change.

Antoinette is a highly effective coach and has been very well regarded by her clients for her pragmatic, straightforward, ‘no fuss’ approach, and for her ability to communicate effectively and ask meaningful questions to increase self awareness and learning opportunities. Antoinette enjoys working with people that embrace change and see development as an opportunity to grow.

Matt D. Wieland, Business and Executive Coach

Matt-WielandProfile — Matt D. Wieland, Business and Executive Coach

Matt D. Wieland is a Senior Business Coach, Corporate Facilitator and International Manager with more than 14 years of professional experience. Matt speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and basic French and Bahasa Malaysia and has been in Asia for more than seven years.

He is a highly skilled communicator and motivator experienced in dealing with the Corporate and the Educational Sectors. He holds a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Matt is also a Certified Facilitator for Coach-the-Coaches Programs in Industrial and Manufacturing Environment with UTM (Germany) and a Certified Business Process Coach. Matt has been involved in strategic corporate development and international project management for many years and worked in European countries of Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy; in the United States of America and Mexico and in Malaysia in the Southeast Asian region. He has gained experience in the metal processing, automotive, semi-conductor, machine building and F&B industries.

Currently based in Malaysia, he has been focusing on production systems, logistics and supply-chain management applying his in-depth expertise in OEE, TQM and TPM lean manufacturing methods and computerized production, maintenance and logistics management. At the same time as a Senior Manager and Business Coach he has developed and conducted courses mainly in the manufacturing sector as an integral part of high performance and productivity programs. In terms of organizational development he is very well versed in establishing successful self-directed work teams in production environments. His latest project activities comprise:

  • Interim management in Production and Plant Operations (metal-processing industry, staff size ~1000).
  • Optimizing short- and middle-term capacity planning and factory utilization (metal-processing industry in Germany and Malaysia) using various lean methodologies.
  • Designing and implementing new maintenance concept towards preventative maintenance measures (metal-processing industry in Malaysia).
  • Identifying alternative sourcing channels with suppliers in Southeast Asia to support global procurement strategies (component manufacturers in Germany, USA and Malaysia).
  • Streamlining of internal/external supply-chain activities with focus on overall productivity, WIP/inventory, cycle times and service levels.
  • Restructuring traditionally organized production and support departments into self-directed, cross-functional work teams with focus on team performance and sustainable empowerment of employees (metal-processing industry in Malaysia).
  • Guest lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Petronas UTP ( in Tronoh (Malaysia) on Operations Management.
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