Soft skill training programs

Below is only a sample of the range of programs we can offer to your organization. In addition to its public coaching and training programs, Coaching & Training Asia can develop coaching and training programs customized for your organization’s needs.

Our coaches and facilitators are also available for
keynote presentations at conventions, conferences or seminars.

Legacy Leadership™

In response to the changing Asian and global marketplace, the need to fully engage the talents of everyone in the organization, and the need to foster innovation and the development of individuals, teams and whole corporations, Coaching & Training Asia Sdn Bhd offers the Legacy Leadership™ model to assist organizations throughout Asia.

Coach Works International

Developed by CoachWorks® of Dallas, Texas, this leadership approach is not about leaving a legacy, but rather living a legacy. This legacy in leadership actively grows the leaders of tomorrow, and insures continued corporate success. Through extensive work and collaboration with business executives and executive leader coaches in both domestic and international corporate environments, CoachWorks® and Coaching & Training Asia Sdn Bhd have distinguished the unique competencies and practices of consistently successful leaders.

Executive & business coaching programs

  • Professional Business Coach Certification Program®
  • Professional Coaching Workshop
  • Manager as Troubleshooter, Coaching for Excellence On Becoming a Parent Coach
  • In-House 6-Month Manager Coaching Program

Talent management

  • Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Talent Identification and Management
  • Learning to Fly: Developing Profitable and Productive Employees
  • Reframing Change: How to manage change, New Mindset Development
  • The Dance of Change (Core Values Training)
  • Measuring the ROI of HR Development Programs
  • Implementing Lean Management in the Supply Chain
  • Project Management

Customer services

  • Customer Relation Management
  • Frontline Customer Service (NLP Rapport Building)
  • EQ & Negotiating Skills

Sales & marketing training

  • Sniper Sales Manager Coaching & Training Program
  • Jumpstart Sales: Basic selling skills for new sales people
  • Key Account Development
  • Sales Image Development
  • Telemarketer Training Program

Executive skills

  • No Butterflies In My Stomach: How to deliver effective presentations
  • Emotional Intelligence for Successful Negotiations
  • Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Power Image and Grooming Program
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Project Management
  • Positive Work Attitude

Team building & team dynamics

  • Building High Performance and High Impact Teams
  • Motivation for Workplace Excellence
  • Outbound Programs such as “Adventures in Executive Coaching”

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